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Company Profile

Engaged in the manufacturing and supply of Indian natural stones, Suraj Mining (Granite) Pvt. Ltd. is one of the fastest growing organizations in this business category. We have built on the trust of our clients by providing them with finest quality natural stones like sandstone, limestone, marble, granite, slate stone, cobbles, landscaping pebbles, and many other natural stones. Be it office, residence, commercial complex or any other architectural project, our product line of building stones defines beauty of each.

Suraj Mining (Granite) Pvt. Ltd., was established in the year 1990 with a motto of providing world class Indian natural stones at a competitive price throughout the world. We are proud to say that we are successful in achieving our motto and have been supplying international quality natural stones since then. The set up of Suraj Mining was initiated in order to cater to the specific requirements of our clients and to propagate an innovative idea of service in the stone market. We have been maintaining a constant turnover of an average of more than 15 million US dollars in the overseas market. We strengthen our roots even after facing stiff competition from our competitors.

We have acquired one of the most sophisticated Granite & Marble line polisher imported from M/s Pedrini, S.p.a., ITALY. It was in 1984 when we started our first Marble project. Later on, after gaining some experience in the market, we went ahead with a completely imported and multipurpose plant of M/s. Pedrini S.p.a Italy, under our sister concern M/s. Suner Marbles. Since then, we have never looked back and today, we have earned global recognition for our quality natural stones.

Our Quarries
We have acquired one of the leading chains of operational quarries of Granite in India. We have the ability to extract the maximum quantity of our regular requirements from our well developed and accessible pits situated in different provinces of the country. They are our true asset in all respects.

All of our 15 mines are well equipped with the latest and most required techniques of mining and operation. We can deliver demands of any quantity without any problem. We have enough recourses and facilities for large scale quarrying for instant and wholesale delivery.


Our Expertise
We are producing blocks of various dimensions according to the requirements and demand of our clients. Our clients can discuss their requirement with our professionals and achieve specific solutions. Our produced material is well dressed in cuboid shape, free of any cracks and visible and prominent variation. In case, there are some special requirements, we have resources and facility to deliver with perfection.

Market Repute
Through the course of time, we have increased our sales consistently in all the nations that we supply to. Specially in the past decade, we have been trading with every industrial sector that makes use of natural stones in any form. In a survey conducted recently, the figure shows a 35% growth in the market of our company. Every year, we plan out business plans to enter a new country and we are pleased with our performance and the rate at which we have been achieving our targets.

Our Clientele
The results of our consistent efforts have paid and therefore, we are experiencing good market repute. Our area of sales, our market and the number of national and international clients is increasing rapidly. At present, we are supplying our products to the Eastern and Southern Europe, The United States, Canada, the complete Gulf sector, China, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Thailand, Australia and Ukraine. We have further plans to expand our business base to newer countries.

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