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We at Suraj Mining (Granite) are a leading supplier and exporter of natural building stones from India. The company offers a wide variety of natural stone like sandstone, limestone, marble, granite, slate stone, etc. to all the customers with a motto "Quality Stones at Quantity Prices". We have a team of experienced professionals working round the year and looking after processing, dressing, inspecting and shipment of all the natural stones.

Our well-defined infrastructure and spacious warehouse helps us run our business operations efficiently and effectively. We are equipped with state of the art in-house cutting unit comprising of ultra modern machinery and equipment to make new and innovative products. Loaded with cutting edge technologies, we regularly upgrade our production center to keep in pace with the dynamic market. We boast of a team of high qualified professionals that work round the clock to supply products that stand apart in terms of quality.

To match the high standard of quality and services for our valued clients, we have state of art machineries and highly skilled team of workers. We believe in bulk production to ensure and satisfy the project requirements, which may be of the standard sizes with provided specifications. The company has long-term arrangement with renowned quarries and mine owners for procurement of best quality of materials. We are capable of presenting innovative designs and manufacturing according to customer's specification.

Our Quarries
We have acquired one of the leading chains of operational quarries of Granite in India. We have the ability to extract the maximum quantity of our regular requirements from our well developed and accessible pits situated in different provinces of the country. They are our true asset in all respects.

All of our 15 mines are well equipped with the latest and most required techniques of mining and operation. We can deliver demands of any quantity without any problem. We have enough recourses and facilities for large scale quarrying for instant and wholesale delivery.


The Manpower
Our supervisory management is really effective in organizing our business objectives and achieve them within the stipulated time frame. Through the devotion of our local laborers, we are able to perform better and that is reflected in our handsome production of minimum 50-75 cubic meters at each site per month. We adjust easily in the most difficult environment of nature and we provide our clients with highest number of options for the selection of the material with more flexibility.

Production Capacities
We are a wholesale manufacturer and supplier ensuring high quality and suffice the project requirements of our clients. We have the following standard capacities of production and we have all the resources to enhance the capacity as per the existing situations of urgency or more demand.

Granite Tiles - 10,000 m2 per month
Granite Slabs - 12,000 m2 per month
Granite Blocks - 500 m2 per month
Sandstone - 20,000 m2 per month
Slate Stone - 20,000 m2 per month
Marble - 40,000 m2 per month

We maintain storage of more than 1,00,000 Sq. Meters of Granite, Sandstone, Slate, Limestone & Marble in the form of tiles and slabs. At present, we have in stock more than 250 cubic meters of rough Granite Stone Blocks at our Quarries. The selection of stones for storage is done on the basis of the demand of various types. For example, stones like Jhansi Red (New Imperial Red ), Black Galaxy, Desert Brown have high demand in the international market. In case of rain, heat or any altering weather condition, we safeguard our materials by storing with proper covering.

Packing of our tiles is done in corrugated boxes (only for small size granite tiles and slates).
Thermocol and plastic covering are provided as cushioning materials.
The final product is packed in sea worthy wooden crates in order to avoid any breakage or loss during transit.
Random and cut-to-size slabs are packed in sea worthy wooden frames in 20' each giving required covering by minimum 5 mm plastic sheet & thermocol.
Further Lashing and Fumigation of the container ensures perfect security & safety of the material.

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